Best Gift for a 9-Year-Old Girls

There are millions of gift options in stores for 9-year-old girls, and thousands more are added every year. So it is totally justifiable if you are searching the market for a gift and you do not know where to start.

Or perhaps there is so much to choose from that you might be spoilt for choice. Either way, do not worry, this review is here for you.

In my review is a list of the best and most popular gifts for 9-year-old girls available in the market now, and you know it is an honest review because the best features are listed along with the pros and cons for you to weigh out and make your decisions.

Consideration : Best Gift for a 9-Year-Old Girls

Here are a few things to consider before purchasing a gift for a 9-year-old girl, to make sure the gift is well received.


tGiven that there is an endless list of gifts to choose from in the market, you have to start somewhere. Knowing the little girl’s interests and likes are what will help you narrow down to the perfect gift for her.

You have to know what the 9-year-old likes and what her interests are. For the more athletic and active girls, a gift like a bike will be very well received.

For a girl of this age that shows interest in fashion and design, get a gift that aligns with those interests, and for creative and crafty girls with interest in art, some gifts will be perfect for them too.

A Gift That Has Something Extra To Offer

As much as gifts are meant to be fun and enjoyed, some gifts help build some qualities in the receiver, in this case, 9 year old girls, without them even realizing it.

Some gifts in my review help build stronger relationships between them and their peers, some help build their motor skills, some improve imagination and creativity, and some encourage healthy habits for example biking.

A gift with a little more to offer will be the perfect gift in more ways than one because as much as it is a fun gift for the recipient, they can develop new skills or improve skills they already have


Unfortunately, most people overlook this important factor when picking out gifts for girls in the specified age bracket. Don’t forget to look and ensure that the toy you are getting is completely safe and will not endanger the recipient in any way.

For example, art materials should be non-toxic, and if the gift has small parts that may be choking hazards to younger siblings.

It should be clearly labeled, and extreme care should be taken by both the parents and the 9-year-old girl as she also learns a thing or two about responsibility

​Recommended Best Gift for a 9-Year-Old Girls

The Sleepover Party GameThe Sleepover Party Game

Editor Rating:


When I was 9, I can’t think of anything I loved more than sleepovers at friends’ places or when they came over to my house. I don’t suppose it’s any different for 9 year old now.

It is an activity they look forward to, and you can make this bonding experience even better with The Sleepover Party Game.

This set comes with more than a staggering 200 activities for your girl and her friends to keep the fun going until they are tired and sleepy.

These activities include performances and stunts and activities like being a human mirror and making funny sounds.

It comes with 85 Act It cards, 75 Work It cards and 40 Party Cards and one spinner.The general idea is, there is a spinner that the 9-year-old will take turns spinning to know what they will do next.

For example, acting or any challenge as directed by the cards. The challenges are silly and fun, and this set guarantees the more and more fun at any sleepover for the girls.


  •  Over 200 activities, stunts, and performances
  • Keep the girls at the sleepover entertained all night long
  • Help improve friendships
  • Allows and teaches conformity to group rules
  • For 3 or more players
  • Great activity for a sleepover


  • Has small parts that are a choking hazard for kids under 3 years (like younger siblings) if care is not taken
  • Needs a group of 3 or more willing players

Check Price On AmazonDarice 120-Piece Deluxe Art SetDarice 120-Piece Deluxe Art Set

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Help your 9-year-old girl channel her inner Picasso with this amazing set. The 120-Piece Deluxe Art Set by Darcie will help her express ideas in a more constructive way, as 9 year old are known to express emotions and thoughts much better through artwork like paintings and drawings.

The kit involves a wide selection of markers, pastels, color pencils and watercolors.

It has everything she will need regarding art supplies for drawing, painting and more accessories. This set is a great tool for stimulating her imagination, creativity, and artistic expression.

It is a great way for kids to experiment with different artistic media, and it is great for adults too. It comes in a portable case, so it is easy to carry around.


  • Includes markers, water colors, pastels and a lot of accessories like scissors, paintbrushes, sharpeners and et cetera
  • 120-piece deluxe art set with plenty of art supplies for painting and drawing and more
  • Excellent way for kids and adults to experiment with different artistic media• Comes in an all-black, closeable, portable case
  • It comes with many accessories like scissors, eraser, ruler, clips, etc.


  • Has small parts that pose a choking hazard for kids under 3 years
  • It does not deliver regarding quality for some artists

Check Price On AmazonALEX Toys DIY Wear Friends 4 Ever Jewelry

ALEX Toys DIY Wear Friends 4 Ever Jewelry

Editor Rating:


Nine-year-old girls value their friendships a lot, and this is shown by them giving each other friendship bracelets.

And little pieces of jewelry to remember each other by and the DIY Wear Friends 4 Ever Jewelry was inspired by this idea.

It includes color-coded looms, some beads, a carrying case, a beading needle and embroidery floss so that your 9-year-old girl and her friends get crafty and creative and create adorable pieces of jewelry that they can gift each other with, or even wear themselves.

This kit is perfect for fostering friendships and strengthening bonds between friends. It also encourages cooperative play as the kids work with each other and share ideas as they use the same kit to create colorful, pretty jewelry.

It will give them something to do during weekend sleepovers and at other informal social gatherings.


  • Makes 22 friendship bracelets
  • Great for sleepovers and parties
  • Has pretty shapes that the 9-year-old will love, including wave hearts, flowers, diamonds, and stripes. Also, comes with pretty colored yarn
  • Fosters friendships and strengthens bonds
  • Helps them get crafty and creative too
  • Includes 22 colors of embroidery floss, beads, beading needle, 4 color-coded looms, a carrying case and an instruction book


  • Takes long to finish a bracelet and it is very time consuming
  • The printed directions are hard to follow
  • Yarn quality isn’t that good

Check Price On AmazonCreativity for Kids Designed By You Fashion Creativity for Kids Designed By You Fashion

Editor Rating:


If you are choosing a gift for a 9 year old girl who is into playing dress up, dressing up her Barbie dolls and exhibits interests in fashion, The Creativity for Kids playset Designed By You Fashion Studio will be the perfect gift.

Giving this as a gift will motivate her and help her create her own unique and signature fashion styles.

This playset comes with everything your little fashion designer will need, including different fabrics, a mannequin, a sketch book, a guide book and fashion design tools important in creating fashionable doll clothes.

It will inspire imagination and artistic expression as well as their creativity, and if your 9-year-old is gifted and has a true talent in this field, this is the best way to nurture and encourage it. It helps in reinforcing their dexterity and control of their motor skills.


  • Allows them to create fabulous designs that reflect their style
  • Helps them express themselves in terms of fabrics like cotton, fleece and many others that come with the playset
  • Non-toxic components so it is completely safe
  •  Helps nurture and encourage talents, hands-on
  • Helps strengthen their control of their motor skills
  • Helps reinforce dexterity, build creativity and improve imagination and encourage artistic expression
  • Comes with everything one might need in the creation of fashionable doll clothes, including a mannequin, guide book, and a sketch book.


  • Not enough fabric to give them more options when designing
  • Instructions are minimal

Check Price On AmazonChalktrail for BikesChalktrail for Bikes

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9-year-old girls and boys like riding their bikes. It is an activity most of them enjoy. So if yours can ride already, add a bit more color, creativity, and fun to their bicycle rides and races with the Chalktrail for Bikes.

It is artistry on wheels.It is tool free, and all you need is the clamp and a piece of chalk for the fun to begin.

It is a simple wishbone clamp that connects the Chalktrail device to the back wheel by the center hubs, then a piece of chalk is inserted into the other end of the chalktrail, and the kids can leave creative lines and shapes as they ride their bikes.

It is easy and safe to install, and the child can do it herself. It is great for pavements, streets, sidewalks and parking lots.

The chalk is washable and non-toxic, so it is completely safe. It is also versatile, as it can be attached to different sizes and types of bikes for creative fun for everyone.


  • Creative and fun
  • Washable chalk
  • Non-toxic, so it is safe
  • Fits different wheel sizes, from 12-19 inches
  • Encourages biking, a healthy and fun sport


  • Comes with only one piece of chalk
  • Chalk wears down fast, and the stub remains inside the clamp, so it has to be thrown away as it is too short.

Check Price On Amazon

Final Verdict

After all is said and done, you know best what your 9-year-old likes, and if you had no idea before, I hope my review has given you a slight idea on the perfect gift.

I have listed some of the best gifts for9-year-old girls worldwide, which are popular for being well loved and well received, along with a few things to consider before picking the perfect gift, even from this list.

Know your child’s interests, make sure the gift has a little more to offer regarding the child’s development and above all, make sure the gift is perfectly safe and will not be the cause for any trips to the ER as that would be very tragic. You can always supervise their play as they enjoy the new gift too.

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