What are baby swings?

These are hanging chairs for a young child, a newborn or recently born baby and usually, they are bucket-shaped with holes for the young child’s legs, or they are half bucket shape and usually have safety belts that are intended to reduce the likelihood of a very young child from falling down.

Baby swings are also known to be young child life savers.There is a lot very young child activity gear out there and baby swings are one of the best baby items you can find to be helpful.

For parents and babies to take a break, having baby swings is the great idea to put into consideration. The decision to buy a baby swing is easier for some.

And it is also difficult for some parents on a budget or with little space in their homes, and so making a choice whether to purchase a baby swing is not that easy.

If you are stuck on whether to purchase a baby swing or not read on the following benefits of having a baby swing and maybe the decision will become easier.

​Reasons why you should purchase the best baby swing


A fussy baby is not happy and neither are dad and mom. Baby bouncers and baby swings are used to calming a fussy baby by creating a gentle bouncing motion and a gentle rocking that always makes the baby comfortable.

A baby swing also benefits the very young child with colic, an infant swing can assist very much in settling the stomach and soothe your young baby.


Sometimes being a parent is something that is awesome, but sometimes you need to have some rest and have things done around your house.

A baby swing, therefore, is the solution for your young child since it offers a place that is safe for your young child to play or sleep.

This gives you some hands-free time to answer your calls, work from home and to do some other chores other than carrying your baby in your arms. You may want to consider an outdoor swing if yard work is on your to-do list.

​Nap time

Not only a baby swing can swing or bouncer smooth young child and lull her to sleep nor makes you hand free, but it also provides a place that is safe for your young baby to sleep during the day.

It is true that most parents enjoy having their young children having a nap within their sight and a baby swing does just that.

It is also true that you can even place the young very young child in the baby swing and rock him/her to sleep, and then leave him/her in the baby swing to sleep until the sleeping time is over.


Young children always need stimulation to develop and learn, and baby activity gear provides just that since it has all sorts of new movements, sights to educate your young child and sounds.

A baby swing with toys attached on it assists much in stimulating your young baby to develop and learn to grip and reach the toys.


As much as we do like entertaining ourselves babies also need entertainment. A baby swing with toys and mobile toys attached on it is an ideal way to keep your young child entertained during the whole day.

Your young child can play with the toys and enjoy the rocking motion of the baby swing. To have made your baby have more fun just purchase for him/her an outdoor baby swing since it has sounds of the backyard and all sights for your baby to enjoy.

​Types of best baby swings

We have 2 broad categories of swings and that is swings for babies and swings for toddlers. Baby swings are used starting from birth up to 18 months or 14 kg while toddler swings can be used starting from 6 months up to about 2 years.

Things To Consider : Best Baby Swing For 2018

The baby swings provide a lot of assistance to parents and offer a fun of experience for growing young children. There are lots of different features available for baby swings which include:

Baby swing power option

The only disadvantage they are facing is that they require an additional expense of purchasing batteries, however, there are rechargeable batteries available to reduce the long-term cost of batteries.

The Wind-up baby swings is another option although they are not convenient as battery swings due to periodically rewinding and manual baby swings always needs parents to push the child.

Portability of the baby swing

It is easier to move some baby swings than others. For instance standard, baby swings are quite heavy and large making them very hard to transport.

If the young kid has to be transported frequently and space is limited, the portable baby swing is the best option. However, the device must be safe enough that the young child cannot tip the swing over and get injured whether portable or not.

Swinging direction

The baby swings can either move from top to back or from side to side although we have baby swings doing both. It is also true that some kids prefer swinging in one direction over the other and while other kids don’t seem to have any preference.

Swings basically designed for infants are versatile in the swinging direction while swings designed for kids who are older enough to sit up swings from back to front.

Baby swing speed

Baby swings offer a variety of swing speeds, some baby swings have up to 8 different speeds while some have just only one speed.

It is important for a parent to determine the speed which her/his baby prefers by starting from the lowest speed and then slowly increasing the speed until the baby is comfortable with it.

It is important to determine the baby preference since it determines the time the baby remains quite and soothed by the swing.

Stability and sturdiness

The girth and width of the baby swing determine a lot in its sturdiness. Buyers should find swings with a sturdy enough frame, that is wide open and that cannot tip over or collapse causing injuries to their kid. Baby swings lower to ground are safer than taller ones since they are less likely to tip over.

Music and sounds

It can be either advantageous or disadvantageous depending on the buyer regarding swings playing songs. The music and sound always entertain babies while awake or soothe them to sleep.

Some individuals find noises annoying. Buyers should ascertain the model they choose plays sounds and music if that is something they prefer.

Baby swing safety standards

It is good for parents to check the safety ratings of the swinger they intend to purchase. This ensures that the baby swing has the required baby specifications.

When purchasing a second-hand baby swing, buyers should check any damage making it from adhering to the required safety standards.

Reclining chair

Young kids are not able to hold their bodies’ upright and therefore reclining chair is useful. Older kids can sit upright and so be having an upright chair is good to them.

Safety considerations

To keep your kid safe while on baby swing, the following safety measures must be considered;

  • The swing should be hard and not to easily fold up or tip over
  • To avoid suffocating and slumping over, children below 4 months must be seated in the reclined swing.
  • Make sure the toys on the swing are firm.
  • The baby should not be heavy than the weight indicated on the baby swing.

​Recommended Best Baby Swing For 2018

Full-size baby swingsFull-size baby swings

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Full-size baby swing provides the best comfortable and swinging motion and comes loaded with many features.

When parents have a big room and space is not an issue, this is the best swing to go for since there is more options for speed and motion and a longer life span.

Check Price On AmazonPortable baby swingsPortable baby swings

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These are baby swings that can be carried along whenever you go. They are lightweight, simple baby swings and easy to carry around. Putting a young child in it to calm him/her down is a definite plus.

These portable swings can be to carry babies with 2.5 kg to 12 kg (newborns to 1-year-old child). We have portable baby swings that are convertible to stationary seats to enable you to feed the baby well.

Check Price On AmazonCombination baby swings

Combination baby swings

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These combination baby swings are dual purpose swings that can always double up as a rocker, bouncer, cradle or glider.

As the name suggests (combination), combination factor is the site of attraction to these baby swings. They are more convenient, save space in the house and can be put always to better use.

These combination swings integrate the best of any two features to provide mom and dad with relief and save them some time to complete their house chores. They occupy less space and they are compact.

Combined baby swings mostly are battery operated and so they are capable of generating a low churning noise that is able to affect the young child nap patterns. These baby swings are used by babies up to one and half years’ old of age.

Check Price On AmazonGlider swingsGlider swings

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The glider swings are modern innovative young child products designed to make the baby comfortable in a soothing manner.

Just like the soft cuddle of nursery glider, the glider swings moves in a gentle manner and they are so easy to move from one place to another in the house or along with you. These glides swings assist your young child to be near you all the times.

Check Price On AmazonCradle swingsCradle swings

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Cradle swings apparently give much entertainment to your young child when he or she is awake and tenderly sway your baby to sound sleep when the need to sleep arises.

Motherly care and warmth are needed when the young child is put into the cradle swing.

The interior of the cradle swing is made of protective pads and soft materials for your young child to stay fully safeguarded in this cradle baby swing.

Check Price On AmazonBouncer swingsBouncer swings

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Any parent has the biggest challenge of entertain her or his young child while still making sure that his or her child is safe, the baby bouncer swing provides answers to both requirements and also provides you a short period of time relief.

The bouncer swings combine the serene motions with the bouncing fun of bouncers to bring your young baby a good and perfect companion through their preferences and different moods.

Check Price On Amazon Rocker swingsRocker swings

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To look for a simple solution to calm colicky young children and give their parents a breath of relief, then the solution would be just nothing short of a miracle. The Rocker swings are just the solution needed.

Their double job of swinging and rocking makes them your young child is desired place on this planet. It is possible to have a swing as well as a rocker in one space and hence saves a bundle.

Check Price On AmazonToddler swingsToddler swings

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Toddler swings make life good and a lot of easier for parents when it comes to a soothing young child. These baby swings are for children aged 6 months up to 2 years old.

While completing your house chores as a parent, these swings are the best place for your child to play. Most toddler swings are of the hanging type.

Check Price On AmazonHanging swingsHanging swings

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This is a type of toddler swing that can be used both outdoors and indoors by attaching it to a directly above support.

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Each swing type has its own weight and age specifications. It all depends on the comfort and the flexibility that you young child needs. Just select baby swings with different functions.

A combination swing offers to cradle, gliding, rocking or bouncing functions along with the normal swinging.

It is your choice to select a swing with different seat positions and multiple swing speed settings.When it comes to purchasing a baby swing, consider all the discussed factors here and don’t just fall to the cheapest baby swing.

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