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In the year 1993, the cinemas opened up the Jurassic park worldwide. This led to many people being fascinated by those prehistoric giants that it has spurred sequel after sequel of blockbuster films.

Traveling through time, sixty-five million years back with our dinosaur's toys. The children will enjoy many adventurous activities with the many dinosaur toys that we have in stored for them.

If you want to give your child a cool dinosaur toy, find out our top picks of the most common products that are available this year.

Things To Consider :Best Dinosaur Toys

What are some of the things that you should look for when buying the best toys for your children? Do you just pick up any toy you come across? Of course, this should not be the case. You need to have the following factors in mind:


The best dinosaur toys should provide you with ease of use and durability. You need to select a highly durable toy so that it can last long without wearing or tearing. Always check the construction of the frame to ensure it is made from durable materials.


Parents must always select ass toy that is safe for their kid. The toy must be ofdurable material and non-toxic material and should not have sharp ages. The toy should be light in weight for easy playing.

Some toys are always appealing to the eyes, and they end up causing harm to the kid than doing any good to them. Safety should be the first consideration rather than entertainment.

Educational Toys

Toys should also encourage learning in kids. Children are in the stage where they are still growing, and they need to learn about many things while they are at that stage.

Choose toys that are educational so that these children may have an opportunity of learning at least something new while they are playing.

Encourages Creativity

While playing with toys, kids get to explore their creative side. Therefore you need to choose toys which encourage creativity in children and enable the kids to use their brain. Such games increase the imagination power in young and growing kids.


A child must be given a toy that is ideal for his/her age. Handing over art and craft material to a one-year-old is useless as toddlers cannot start art and craft at this age. When choosing a toy, make sure that you consider the age of the child before coming up with your final decision.

The Function

When choosing the product, consider if it is a passive or active toy. Most young kids prefer something they can play with actively, as opposed to just looking at it. Look for items that the kids will enjoy playing with for a very long time.

Other Important Considerations

  • The price and brand
  • Should have batteries that have been enclosed so that children may not open them
  • Toys should be free from harmful and toxic substances
  • Nonflammable
  • The toys should have pleased the safety tests
  • No long strings or cords because they can be wrapped around the baby's neck
  • The space available in the house
  • The quality of the item

​Recommended Best Dinosaur Toys

Wowwee roboraptor x-robot dinosaur toy

Editor Rating:

Dinosaurs are back and roaming the earth. The 32 remote long roboraptor x is impressive in size and features an advanced fusion of technology and wild personality.

The era of dinosaurs is back with cool features like artificial intelligence, infrared vision, touches sensors and advanced sound.

This great feature makes it unique from the other toys. This is the best toy for kids of any age.

What I love most about this toy is a wild personality that it has, whereby it has three distinct moods. The hunter, cautious and playful. Children will enjoy having this toy.


  • It’s very affordable
  • Perfect for children up to the age of fifteen years
  • Has long lasting batteries
  • Comer with user guide on how to use it


  • It is very hard for younger kids to understand how to control
Schleich Tyrannosaurus Rex

Editor Rating:

Schleich Tyrannosaurus Rex is the perfect size for playing. Although it looks quite threatening, it could hardly use its front legs armed with just two claws since they don't even reach its mouth.

This T-rex is a scavenger, therefore, eats what other animals or dinosaurs left behind.

Even though it has over fifty teeth that were over six inches long, its teeth aren't used to chewing but tearing. This toy helps children to develop their imaginations through creative playing.


  • Easy to use
  • It is historically accurate
  • Made in compliance with all safety regulations
  • The dinosaur is affordable


  • It is not suitable for children under three years

Kids imaginative dinosaurs' small

Editor Rating:

The kid's imaginative dinosaurs ensure your kids have fun and great learning experience. Dinosaur toys are one of the top learning resources for your child.

Kids love to explore the prehistoric animal planet. It is perfect for both boys and girls of all ages from three years and above.

They come in many different colors. Also, it comes with a digital coloring book which makes it unique from the other toys.


  • Are educational
  • Suitable for all kids
  • It is expensive but worth that money


  • Very expensive
The good dinosaur 6 piece figure play set

Editor Rating:

The cast of Disney Pixar prehistoric comedy the good dinosaur star in this six piece figure play set. The little caveman spot is here with his young Apatosaurus friend Arlo, along with some not quite so good dinosaurs.

The good dinosaur 6 piece figure play set comes with the following Disney animals:

spot, bubbha, Forrest woodbush, arlo, butch, and thunderclap. This play set will best suit a child because it has many toys.

It will also save the parent the agony of buying more and more toys since it comes with six toys in it; therefore, it is enough for the kid. This is the best dinosaur toy in the market because it greatly saves money.


  •  It's very affordable
  • Comes with six pieces of toys in one packet
  • Suitable for kids above 3 years
  • Has user manual on how to use it
  • Has different colors


  • It is made of plastic; therefore, children below 3 years are not allowed to play with it
Melissa and Doug giant T-rex dinosaurs

Editor Rating:

From classic toys to crafts, pretend, play and games, this Melissa andDoug giant t-rex dinosaur is the best toy a child would ever dream of. It ignites a sense of wonder in all children.

The t-rex rules. It can fit into any environment. The bold colors and design combine with top-quality construction and attention to make this plush t-rex lovable on a prehistoric scale.

I bought this dinosaur for my 5-year niece as a birthday present.She always packed it around her and nobody was allowed to touch it.

The material is great quality, soft and there is some piping in legs and tail for it to stand, but it is well insulated around it so that it won't hurt kids


  • Very colorful
  • It is large
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Soft thus not harmful to children
  • It is great for your kids' imagination


  • It is large thus children below 3 years are not advantaged since they can't play with it.

Final Verdict

Sometimes as parents, we are always desperate to get any toy for our kids so that they may stop disturbing us while we are at home taking a nap or doing any work.

This leads to us going into a toy store and buying any toy that we first lay our hands on.The outcome is buying toys that make noise to our children.

This is not the way to go on while looking for a toy. We all want our kids to have good toys which are educational so as to enrich their learning experience.

The above toys all qualify to be ranked as the best toys for your children. I urge all of you that if you want to buy any toy, you need to consider them.

You will never regret buying any of them. Lastly, always pay attention to your children when they are playing.

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